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The Wegmans Impulse Buy

I dare even the most seasoned professional coupon shopper to go into a Wegmans and NOT make an expensive impulse buy of an item you previously never even knew existed. Go on, I double dog dare you.

Check out what I felt the need to purchase today. Hey c’mon, it’s not every day that you find game meat at the supermarket. I hope it’s good. After all, it ran me $5.29/lb for this:

Anyone have any good recipe ideas?


Wegmans Updated Coupon Policy

Wegmans made a post on their Twitter page recently regarding their internet coupon policy. Here it is:

Via Wegmans.com:

“What is your Internet Coupon Policy?

Answer: We take internet coupons with only two restrictions.  FREE coupons are out, and the fine print, to minimize checker uncertainty, is that the word FREE can’t appear on the coupon. This includes Buy One Get One Free offers. The other restriction is that the electronic coupon value (or the double value) may not exceed the value of the item being purchased; the same as for other coupons

Register Receipt Coupons

Check out the two receipts from my shopping excursions this week. The one on the left is from Tops and the one on the right is from Wegmans. Coupons on the back of register receipts are nothing new. Useful coupons on the back of a register receipt is new however. Congrats to Wegmans for doing it right. Their receipts now feature store coupons for products you may actually use. Notice the Tops example has the same 20 year old car wash and state auto inspection coupons. Which would you rather have?

Stop. Grammar Time.

What’s wrong with this receipt, aside from the outrageous price I was charged for hummus? Can you find the hilariously ironic typographical error?

Wegmans Nature’s Marketplace Organic Coupons


I took home some great organic coupons today courtesy of Wegmans. In the Organic section were free copies of Wegmans Nature’s Marketplace Magazine. Both the November and October issues were available. There are a slew of manufacturer coupons inside.


  • Simply Organic vanilla extract or baking mix $1/1
  • Rescue Remedy $1/1
  • Rescue Sleep $2/1
  • Amy’s products $1/2
  • Traditional Medicinals teas $1/1
  • Kashi crackers $1/1


  • Bossa Nova Superfruit products $1/2
  • O.N.E. products $1/1
  • Yogi granola crisps or cereal $1/1
  • Van’s waffles $1/2
  • Nature’s Path or Envirokidz cereal $1/2
  • Crofter’s products $1/2
  • Quorn products $1/1
  • 7th Generation dish soap or laundry product $1/1
  • Wild Selection tuna $1/2
  • Seeds Of Change product $1/1
  • Genisoy sweet crisps $1/1
  • Marcal small steps paper towels or bath tissues $1/1
  • Marcal small steps dinner napkins $1/2
  • Frontera products $1/2
  • Patak’s Indian food product $1.25/1
  • San-J cooking sauce or salad dressing $1/2

Wegmans 11/9

I went to Wegmans today for an uneventful shopping trip where I picked up a handful of things needed to make chili. No spectacular sales or coupons savings really except for the milk. Highlights include:

  • Wegmans 2% milk gallon $2.99 – $1.40 sc = $1.59
  • Tuttorosso crushed tomatoes 28 oz. $1.49 – $.70 sc = $.79

Spent $9.03, Saved $2.76.

Wegmans 10/26

Just to prove that I am capable of going to a grocery store and not buying things on sale or with only coupons, I went to Wegmans today. Very few deals to be had. Just picked a couple of things we like that are only sold there. Today’s shopping highlights:

  • Simply Organic spices (cinnamon): $3.89 – $.60 sc – $1/1 mc = $2.39
  • Traditional Medicinals organic echinacea tea: $3.99 – $1 sc =$2.99
  • Campbells beef gravy: $1.19 – $.69 sc = $.50
  • Pepperidge Farms crackers: $3.39 – $.50 bc – $1 mc = $1.89

In all fairness, I don’t go to Wegmans trying to find deals. They are few and far between. You go there to buy specialty products that can’t be found elsewhere. Some of their store brands can also be a good deal like the frozen Chinese dumplings I picked up today.

Spent $28.92, Saved $5.97. See, pretty bad savings ratio.