Here is your complete ROC Coupons guide to vocabulary, abbreviations, and shorthand used on this blog and within the online coupon world.

ROC = Short for Rochester, NY. Nobody who lives here calls it ROC but local advertisers and marketers like to use it and it is our airport code.

$1/2 = This is the format used for describing coupons. The left number is the amount of money off and the right number is the quantity needed to purchase. $1/2 mean one dollar off of the purchase of two items.

BOGO = Buy One Get One Free.

MC = Manufacturer’s Coupon.

CC = Coupon Code. Used when getting discounts from online purchases.

BC = Bonus Card. The sale card used at Tops.

SC = Shopper’s Club. The sale card used at Wegmans.

ECB = Extra Cash Bucks. The store credit coupons given out by CVS.

RR = Register Rewards. The store credit coupons given out by Walgreens.

SCR = Single Check Rebate. The rebate checks issued by Rite Aid.

TC = Target Coupon. Coupons printed from

Peelie: refers to a coupon that is attached to the box of a product that can be peeled off & used immediately as seen in this pic:

Blinkie: refers to the coupon machine found attached to store shelves. They often have a blinking red light on the side as seen in this pic: