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Welcome to ROC Coupons. This ain’t a Mommy blog. My name is Jay and I am a proud couponing dude. My wife, 3 year old son and I live in Rochester, NY home of many great competing grocery stores that help us live large while spending little. A few months back I was laid off from my job as a radio talk show producer and was put into the unfamiliar role of a stay at home Dad. Money is tight and I needed to find a way to stretch the family’s dollar as far as it could go. Thus began my love for coupons. A producer’s job involves a lot of research on whatever the topic of the day is. I need to find out as much as I can about a subject as quickly as I can. Now unemployed, I’ve applied that obsessive behavior skill into finding my family discounts at the grocery store. I strongly believe that paying full price is for suckers and that if you follow a few easy steps you can live off of more and pay less. Whenever I brag to family or friends about my great grocery finds they always ask, how do I do it?. This blog tells my story. When I come across a coupon or get a great deal I’ll post about it here. Also check out our Twitter page for even more deals. More info on Twitter HERE.

Learn more about couponing with my Intro to Savings.


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