Food Towne Of North Chili Ad 4/11

Food Towne Of North Chili ad week of 4/11 – 4/17


2 responses to “Food Towne Of North Chili Ad 4/11

  1. Hi,
    I was directed to your site from “Ann” over @ Coupons Deals and More…
    I live in Greece, but I am a VNS and work over the Westside of town literally, everyday. I see that food mart all the time, but have never gone in there off of Buffalo/259-Union St. Do they take coupons at all? Do they take Internet cpns? Do they double? Can you give me some detail on that? I would love to bring a cooler and stock up on some meats. W/ 5 kids and dh having been recently laid off… man oh man I think you can relate…

    Thanks in advance for any/all info!!

  2. Their everyday prices aren’t really competitive. But their IGA store brand stuff is and every week they have a few amazing sale prices. They also have a completely out of place huge craft beer section if you like the fancy stuff. Food Towne accepts manufacturer’s coupons and internet couple but they do NOT double either.

    If you’re on the west side check it out for deals. This week I stocked up on the BOGO chicken cutlets (or tenders as they call them), the Pillsbury rolls and a few others. I spent $25 and saved 52%. Not bad for a dumpy little neighborhood store.

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