Update 4/9

Hi there!

Some good news to report for once. First, my computer is healed. It turns out it was a faulty power supply so it was a cheap and easy fix.  Computer repair tip: find a good local repair shop/person. They’re fast, fair priced, and you’re helping support the local economy. NEVER take your computer to shysters like Best Buy’s Geek Squad unless you enjoy pissing money away.

On the health front it is now believed that I suffered from food poisoning. I’m taking antibiotics and eating the world’s most blandest and tasteless diet and starting to feel a bit better. As a food loving Italian-American I’m not sure how much more of this flavorless eating I can take. I don’t want to jinx anything here so let’s just hope this works. My symptoms have not disappeared completely but have reduced significantly. Cross your fingers this works.

Thank you again for those who have contacted me. I sincerely appreciate it. Maybe this weekend I’ll post an actual blog about grocery savings.


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