Thanks For The “Help”

Ever write customer service at a company? Some responses you get are great, some are annoying form letters that prove they didn’t even read your email, and some are just completely unhelpful. A letter I recently wrote to Genesee Beer fits into the 3rd category.

After attending the St Patty’s Day parade I saw the Genny float passing out t-shirts. I was unable to get one so I wrote to the company asking if there was any place I could purchase one.

Here’s their “helpful” response.

Thank you for your e-mail and support!  We are currently in the process of constructing a website where our merchandise is going to be sold.  It should be available within the next couple of months, though I don’t have an estimated date of completion.  I hope this helps somewhat.


No Jessica, it doesn’t.


2 responses to “Thanks For The “Help”

  1. They should have just sent you a shirt.

  2. You live right by the plant. Stop by and visit them!!

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