File Under “D” For Duh

My hometown of Rochester NY is also home to the grocery chain Wegmans. To say that the local citizens are blindly loyal is like saying molten lava is mildly warm. It’s a gross understatement. The #1 advice I give people when they ask me how to save money at the grocery store is don’t buy everything at Wegmans. That’s where the arguments usually start. Now our local paper is finally backing me up on this.

Any sensible grocery shopper already knows this but according to the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper Walmart sells cheap food. Shocker, right? Pass the defibrillator when you’re done with it. Check out the scientific research this writer even went through to back up his wacky claim.

Now imagine how cheap you could have gotten those same grocery items if you didn’t buy them all at one place, shopped sales, and used coupons?

Gold Medal flour frequently has coupons out for it and can be found on a good sale at Tops like when I paid $.88 in November. Cheerios coupons too are a dime a dozen. Rite-Aid or Walgreens will have a sale where combined with a coupon you can get them for $1-$1.50 a box. Dawn can be found at CVS or Walgreens for anywhere from $.69-$.89 with sale & coupon. Classico is on sale at Tops this week for $2.50, combined with this coupon will make it $1.50. Smuckers is cheapest Walmart when not on sale usually running about $1.50. Total spent = $6.17.

See how shopping around a little can save you a lot?


2 responses to “File Under “D” For Duh

  1. Of course, if it took you more than a couple minutes to find those coupons and drive to/from the various stores, your cost in time spent is likely more than your monetary savings. ;-)

    • Do you fly a helicopter or drive some sort of super car like the Batmobile that really eats up gas? I have a Pontiac and its not too bad on city mileage. My cost in time spent really depends on how you look at it. I save about 60% off a month on groceries. Is 1-2 hours a week cliping coupons and reading grocery blogs worth cutting your grocery bill in half? For me it is. Money is tight in my home. I’m no Bruce Wayne.

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