Tops Ad In The Mail

After digging out a foot of snow I found my way to the mailbox finally today. I was rewarded with free milk. Let me explain.

Every Wednesday usually the Tops ad from the previous Sunday (3 days earlier) comes in the mail from a local edition of  Red Plum. If you get the paper on Sunday this is old and useless mail by the time it comes on Wednesday. So today (Friday) I go out to the mail and see a Tops ad. At first I’m like, “these sales end tomorrow, why send the ad?” But then I noticed something. This was next week’s ad. And then I noticed something else. Big, bold, block letters explaining the whole situation, along with a coupon for a free gallon of milk.


5 responses to “Tops Ad In The Mail

  1. How do you get this? I live in the Buffalo suburban area and would love to get this before Sunday.

    • To be honest I think I’m just the lucky recipient of local junk mail here in Rochester. It’s not something I signed up to receive and comes addressed to “resident”.

  2. Any decent deals? I love love love seeing early ads!

  3. Hi Jay,
    I didn’t receive one last week but I did get a Red Plum flyer in the mail this Weds 3/3 but no Tops Ad!!!!I am so bummed…
    I can’t get the ad until Sat at midnite on line or Sunday AM. Makes it very difficult to get the ad with matchups posted before!!!
    Thanks for sharing the info-hopefully I will get one next week!!

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