Sears 2/13

Sears is blowing out their winter wear right now. Jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, thermals, flannels, it’s all at dirt cheap prices. Everything is reduced an additional 30%-50% off the already reduced price. Confused? The above pictured Craftsman hooded quilted flannel (gray) was originally $44. Then it was reduced to $20. Today an additional 40% was taken off that price making it only $12. The Dickies shirt (brown) cost me $13. The sale is online too.

Spent $25.18, Saved $62.82 71.3% savings


2 responses to “Sears 2/13

  1. My husband will only wear those shirts. I went and bought him 4 new ones for Valentine’s Day at that price.

  2. I work at Sears and keep checkin’ out the clearance! I bought a 10 pack of socks (for my boyfriend) today for under $4..marked down to $3.99..mens socks are NOT cheap! so that was exciting.

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