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Welcome readers of Coupons Deals & More. Thanks for checking out Roc Coupons & thank you to Ann for graciously allowing me to write a guest post for your blog. I’m a big fan of your site.

To learn more about this site please check out my Bio page and Intro To Savings. You can also follow along on twitter @roccoupons.


6 responses to “Coupons Deals & More

  1. I seen your post over at Ann’s site, think its great that you are doing what you need to as a guy! My husband is slowly learning to use coupons, he went to Harbor Freight and everything he bought he used a coupon! Anyways- Love that a guy is blogging about deals, I will keep you in mind when writing my post! Feel free to check out my site, I had a rifle deal on there! :)

  2. Candie Britland

    Hi Jay, just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your guest post at Ann’s site. I also wanted to tell you I am relatively new to couponing, about a year, but I run into the opposite thing, I am 62 and I have the young guys, 16, 17, 18, at Walgreens, CVS, go through every coupons, bag, etc. and check every thing I buy, I guess I must look like a criminal. I cannot figure out what it is. I told Ann it must be I go shopping at 6:00 am trying to be nice and not hold up lines with coupons and I guess they must be supicious at that time of the morning. I will check in every once in a while at your site. Candie

  3. Thanks for giving a dude’s perspective on couponing, you all are out there and I was unaware. My husband will go to Walgreens, CVS from time to time with detailed written instructions for me. I know he understands the coupon-stacking-combine-with-a-unusually low-sale-price method. But he has little patience with the **time** it takes. I think he would step up to coupons and saving too if he got layed off. However he would have to play 100 hours of modern warfare, sort all his Magic the gathering cards, sleep in every morning and watch 100 hours of movies at first. If his job dunks then I will definitely tell him to start here for a dude to dude coupon journey.

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