New Shoes Update

Always read the fine print, right? I thought I did just that recently when I purchased new shoes off the net. There’s good news and bad news to report on my purchase.

When my shoes arrived in the mail today it seems as though my eyes done deceived me. The shoes are super comfortable, fit just right (always a risk when buying online) and make me look cool as the other side of the pillow. OK, maybe that last part is a bit of an exaggeration. However, I thought I was buying a sneaker-boot hiking hybrid type of shoe. Instead it appears I have purchased a sneaker-sandal hiking hybrid type of shoe.  They are clearly a summer shoe and I was looking to buy a winter shoe. You see there are giant holes in the rear and side of the shoe thus making them a sandal and not that good in the snow. It snows a lot where I live. I’m keeping these new shoes for when winter breaks in June but now I still find myself without light winter boots.

So how did I not notice this beforehand you ask? Let’s examine the evidence.

Exhibit A: The product description.

Windows for ventilation should have been a big clue to me. But alas it was not. I somehow took that to mean that the mesh-like stuff the upper portion of the shoe is made with is breathable material.

So the website pics should have been a dead giveaway, right? Here’s where things get a bit deceiving.

Exhibit B: The side photo

Knowing now that these are sandal-sneakers the open back is quite obvious to me in this pic. But at first glance it wasn’t. Especially when compared to the other photo angles taken of the shoe.

Exhibit C: The other angles

The insole of this shoe is a redish-orange color. Let’s just call it red for the sake of discussion. This is the root of the deception.

The top photo is a closeup of the side of the shoe and the hole. You can see straight through to the insole which looks like it is part of the side. I thought it was 2 red triangles on the side of the shoe. I never imagined that above and next to the word “waterproof” there would be holes. What’s waterproof about a hole?

The middle photo is a zoomed out version of the top picture. It reinforced my belief in the red triangles rather than holes.

The bottom photo is a closeup of the rear or heal hole of the shoe. Again, I think it’s a red circle matching the sides.

Exhibit D: The actual shoes

Those aren’t red triangles, those are holes.

^^That’s the photo that needs to be on the website. So says me.^^

The Verdict: The internet retailer is NOT GUILTY of misleading the consumer.

My dumbass should have figured out those were sandals. They’re super nice though so I’m not complaining here. They’ll be great this summer. Until then I sing this song:

holes in my shoes, holes in my shoes

lookin like a fool with the holes in my shoes


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