Pepsi 2 Liters For 16 Cents

Walgreens 1/24-1/31 is having an unbelievable Pepsi sale. Here’s the details on how you can get 16 cent 2 liter bottles.

  • purchase 16 2 liter Pepsi bottles @ 4/$5 = $20
  • receive $10 Walgreens RRs
  • submit for Coors Light (no beer purchase required) Pepsi/Tostitos rebate for $7.50 on a $20 purchase HERE
  • Final breakdown: $20 – $10 – $7.50 = $2.50 / 16 bottles = $0.15625 cents each


UPDATE 1/24: My Walgreens had neither throwback Pepsi or Mountain Dew in 2 liters. They had 1 throwback Dew 12 pk but that’s it. I’m kinda disappointed right now. I’m gonna have to call around to other stores looking for throwback. Sorry, I don’t do high fructose corn syrup.


3 responses to “Pepsi 2 Liters For 16 Cents

  1. OMG. What a great price. Thanx.

  2. Yeah, but you didn’t factor in tax or deposit on the pop. Plus the cost of the stamp and envelope to mail the rebate. And the cost to print the rebate. And the time required to get the rebate from the company. Sure, you get $10 in rewards back, but you still paid for them. You won’t receive any benefits until you drive there again. Is the cash outflow worth all of this? Isn’t pop a waste of money to begin with? You’ll save more money by drinking tap water.

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