New Shoes

Let me confess that not every deal I find is mind blowing. In fact, some are downright average to crappy. Today’s shopping experience fits into the latter category but that’s OK. I saved a whole whopping 10% on my new shoes. But I’m happy with my purchase and here’s why. How often do you stand? How often do you walk? The answer, of course, is all the dang time. Never be cheap with shoes! You’ll get foot pains or back pains or both. That’s not worth the money you saved by buying cheap shoes. Buy a good shoe that’ll last you some time. If you can save a few bucks while you’re at it (like 10%) then all the better.  </rant>

That being said I recently didn’t follow my own advice and now my paltry Walmart sneaker-boots have holes in both of them. So what do you get for buying $20 shoes? Eight months of foot pain before they fall apart for no reason. This past weekend I went to 4 different stores looking for a suitable replacement. I couldn’t find anything at all to my liking either financially or appearance wise. Why do I even bother with the brick and mortar stores anymore? I wised up and hit the internet in search of a deal. After all, it is the best only way to shop.

After much searching I picked up some sa-weet Columbia hikers from They have a great selection of shoes and free shipping on all orders.


One response to “New Shoes

  1. That’s like people who buy the cheapest mattress… huh? You spend over 1/3 of your life in bed. There is no piece of furniture, no appliance, nothing you use more than your bed. So cheap out!? And what? Poor job performance from exhaustion, back pain or worse? Makes no sense.

    Oh, and I looooove zappos.

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