Dickies 75% Off

If you live up North or anywheres else slammed by the snow thus far this winter I highly recommend quality winter gear. Never go with cheap quality jackets, hats, and gloves. It’s just not worth it. Here is your opportunity to get elite gear on the super cheap. Dickies.com is having a 75% off Winter Clearance Sale HERE. Um, it’s only January but OK.

I immediately jumped all over this deal and picked up the Dickies Bib Overalls, or as my wife calls them ‘adult snow pants’, for the ridiculously low price of $30.39 after tax & shipping ($20.75 + $7 shipping + $2.64 NY tax). They’re regularly priced at $82.99 before t&s.

I’ve been waiting for a deal this for a while. No more wet jeans shoveling the driveway for me!

Deal found on Mojo Savings.

UPDATE: I posted this at 12:20 pm EST today. About 1-2 hours later the website crashed. It just came back up after 10 pm and the 75% sale is gone. The bibs I paid $20.75 for are now $33.20. Odd.


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