Wii Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars for the Nintendo Wii looks simply amazing. As mentioned previously we purchased the Wii for Xmas. Today I ordered my first new game on Amazon for it. Oh did I mention I paid only 47 cents for it. Would you like to know how?

Two words for ya: Swagbucks. Yeah, it really works. (click that link to sign up) I used $20 worth of Amazon.com gift cards that took me all of 6 weeks to earn on Swagbucks to buy my new game. Just search twice a day for your favorite sites that you have bookmarked anyways (facebook, gmail, etc) and boom you’ll find the Swagbucks adding up quickly. Only $45 Swagbucks = a $5 Amazon gift card. You see here what it just got me.

Don’t forget about the Amazon Prime Trial either.


2 responses to “Wii Lego Star Wars

  1. I finally signed up. I’m ready to see if swagbucks is as easy as everyone says.

  2. Cant wait for force unleased 2

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