No Soup, Or Anything Else, For You

Well I pulled a bonehead move today. My son is in a bit of grumpy mood and shopping wasn’t high on his to-do list today. But after he had a ‘little’ melt down I promised Oreos if he was a good boy. Ah bribery, the sign of a good parent. So we went to Walgreens bought 3 things, including Oreos, and then were off to Tops for a quick grocery shopping trip. And by quick I mean I have all of 12 things on my list. We returned some empty cans and as I always do I went to put the bottle return receipt in with my coupons. That’s when it hit me. The coupons are on the kitchen table. I can’t shop without coupons. Even though I was only buying 12 things, I had coupons for 10 of them. Remember my motto, full price is for suckas. So we came home. Try again tomorrow.


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