Sometimes Full Price Is Just Fine

Are there ever times when full price is just fine? You bet there is. Here’s an example:

I see that every single coupon blog in the entire internets is posting THIS COUPON for $5/1 EPT Pregnancy Test. Is this really the kind of item you are gonna wait to go on sale so you can pair it up with a coupon? Is this really something for the stockpile? If so, then enjoy the savings.

It reminds of the time I was at Dollar Tree and saw this impulse item next to the register candy for only a buck:

Hmm, gum, punching balloon, or a pregnancy test. Decisions, decisions.


One response to “Sometimes Full Price Is Just Fine

  1. NICE! I also found a site awhile ago where you could request these puppies for free. I don’t think I’d want a lot of pregnancy tests hanging around the house. I think it would jinx me.

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