It’s A Wonderful Life Radio Play

It’s funny how some holiday traditions start. By chance my wife and I caught a rebroadcast of the 1947 Lux Radio Theater’s It’s a Wonderful Life played on the local ‘rock’ station driving back from my parents house a few years back. I found a copy on the internet and now every year driving home from Christmas Eve dinner we listen to the one hour performance in the car. There’s nothing quite like a vintage radio drama. It’s a Wonderful Life stars James Stewart as George Bailey, Donna Reed as Mary Hatch, Victor Moore as Clarence, Bill Johnstone as Mr. Bailey, John McIntire as Joseph, Leo Cleary as Uncle Billy, Edwin Maxwell at Potter and Janet Scott as Mother.

So today I’d like to share this broadcast with you my reader as my little Christmas gift. Thank you so much for taking time to read this blog. Merry Christmas from ROC Coupons.

DOWNLOAD MP3 OF It’s a Wonderful Life HERE


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