You’ve Been Couponed

“You’ve Been Couponed!”

That’s my new catch phrase here at ROC Coupons, trademark, copyright, no backs. Every cool guy in a movie, tv show or comic book has a sweet catch phrase he boasts upon defeating his sworn enemy. Full retail price is my enemy. From now on when I defeat retail I will look it straight in the eye and exclaim, “You’ve been couponed!” Fans of How I Met Your Mother may have noticed where I paraphrased this line from.

The need for a catch phrase came about as I was about to leave the house this morning to go buy a Nintendo Wii that I blogged about the other day. Just as I was putting on my coat I had an epiphany and BAM, my catch phrase was born as I realized a way to get an even better deal on that Wii. Nintendo, “You’ve been couponed!”

Blog explaining the details coming soon…


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