Nintendo Wii: Best. Price. Ever.

Cue the best price ever alarm. Starting this Saturday December 5th at 8am Walmart will give you a $50 gift card with every Nintendo Wii purchase, essentially making the price of the console just $149.99. I’ve never, EVER, seen it that cheap. Walmart will also offer 15-20% savings on 25 top video game titles through 12/24. More info here.

As soon as I tell my wife about this I think she’ll finally cave in and agree to go get one. Cross your fingers. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


5 responses to “Nintendo Wii: Best. Price. Ever.

  1. I would ask! My Walmart will take them, so it wouldn’t hurt to try. Good luck!!!

  2. It looks like I have the green light to go ahead and get this deal! My wife & I are going to split the cost and it will be our big Xmas gift to each other. She’s been wanting a Wii even more than me.

  3. Bought, wrapped, and under the tree!

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