Ace Hardware 11/28

Don’t forget that all day today ONLY (Sat 11/28) Ace Hardware is having a sale 50% off any 1 regularly priced item $30 or less. Get coupon HERE.

I was so excited for this deal that I dragged myself to the sale despite being very ill today. It doesn’t hurt that Ace is less than 1 mile from my house either. They have a fantastic winter clothing section with tons of Carhartt items. If you live up north you know there is nothing warmer. I searched and searched for the best value for my coupon. Ultimately I decided on a thermal shirt priced $18. The coupon would make it $9, a great deal for a Carhartt shirt. I then took my shirt to the register only to be informed that the shirt was on sale, even though not marked as such anywhere on the item or in the section of the store it was found, and could not use my coupon. In fact, ALL Carhartt items were on sale and therefore the coupon could not be used. And by on sale I mean upwards of 5 % to 10% off. I was pretty ticked off at this point. I no longer felt like giving Ace my money today after this stunt but was conflicted about letting the coupon go to waste. So I looked around their housewares section for something cheap. I settled on purchasing the above pictured Pyrex bread pan for $3 (originally $6). Meh.


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