My Black Friday Thoughts

Black Friday is for amateurs! Yeah, that’s right. The true deal hunter has nothing to do with the commercialism and phoniness that is the biggest shopping day in America. Why would I want to stay up all night and wait in a ridiculously long line when it’s 25 degrees outside only to end up literally fighting with the dregs of society over some product of which the store only has 5 in stock? It takes more patience than I have to deal with that commotion. Look at that pic above. That’s not how a sophisticated deal hunter rolls. We slip in under the radar. We get a deal while the person standing next to us pays full retail. I’ll do my shopping online thank you very much. Ever hear of Cyber Monday? There’s no lines at my computer desk. So if I see any really amazing deals in the next few days I’ll post about them here or probably first on the ROC Coupons Twitter page.

Please share your favorite ONLINE ONLY SALES in the comments section.

Happy deal hunting, my friends.


One response to “My Black Friday Thoughts

  1. I just bought my husband season 1 of The Office at for $12.80. We love that show.

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