Target 11/16

I went to Target today to restock the pantry with some great grocery items on sale. Much to my disappointment I was unable to do so. People must be refilling those Y2K fallout shelters they have because the store’s shelves were picked clean. I only manged to get 1 of the 3 items I went to get.

  • Campbell’s Cream Of Mushroom soup – 49c – SOLD OUT
  • Swanson chicken broth – 49c – SOLD OUT
  • Heinz gravy – 79c – $1/3 mc = 46c each – yeah me

Spent $2.74, Saved$7.38


2 responses to “Target 11/16

  1. It wasn’t any better down the road yesterday morning. I got to Target at 8am Sunday morning and they had 30 gravy TOTAL in the store, and two end cap shelves full of Del Monte vegetables.

    Can you say “rain check”?

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