ROCC: Twitter vs Blog


I was recently asked in an email what is the difference between ROC Coupons: The Blog and ROC Coupons: The Twitter Page? That’s a great question so I wanted to publicly share my answer.

First off, if you have no clue what Twitter is all about then check out this great overview HERE courtesy of Mashable.

There are no set rules on how to use Twitter, although there is etiquette. Different people use it in different ways. I prefer to use it as an extension of my blog and of my personality as well. While my blog is used exclusively for sharing deals, coupons, and stories of shopping success with an occasional vintage cookware and/or Hot Pockets profession of undying love, the Twitter page gets to be so much more and in only 140 characters or less.  Quite honestly, some days are so hectic I simply don’t have the time to blog but can update Twitter quite easily. Here a list of some of the different types of posts you may find there:

Twitter members can follow @ROCCoupons HERE, non-members can view my full page HERE or check out the 5 most recent Twitter posts in the right hand column of ROC Coupons: The Blog just below the search box.  See photo below.



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