Wegmans 10/26

Just to prove that I am capable of going to a grocery store and not buying things on sale or with only coupons, I went to Wegmans today. Very few deals to be had. Just picked a couple of things we like that are only sold there. Today’s shopping highlights:

  • Simply Organic spices (cinnamon): $3.89 – $.60 sc – $1/1 mc = $2.39
  • Traditional Medicinals organic echinacea tea: $3.99 – $1 sc =$2.99
  • Campbells beef gravy: $1.19 – $.69 sc = $.50
  • Pepperidge Farms crackers: $3.39 – $.50 bc – $1 mc = $1.89

In all fairness, I don’t go to Wegmans trying to find deals. They are few and far between. You go there to buy specialty products that can’t be found elsewhere. Some of their store brands can also be a good deal like the frozen Chinese dumplings I picked up today.

Spent $28.92, Saved $5.97. See, pretty bad savings ratio.


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