Free Magazines?

I from time to time like to share FREE subscription information to various magazines. Often friends ask if this is legit or am I just giving out my personal information to some internet scam only to never receive the magazines promised. They are very much legit. It’s a promotional vehicle. These companies give you their product, hope you like it and then in turn they hope you pay for it in the future. It’s a good marketing strategy. I currently am receiving a free year’s subscription to Organic Gardening magazine. I love it and will absolutely buy a subscription when my free one runs out. The ONLY thing to look out for is if someone asks for your credit card info. NEVER give that in return for something free. NEVER!!! The things I post here won’t ask you for it. The above picture is of the free mags I’ve gotten in the mail the last 5 days. Pretty cool, huh?

Some of the above free sub deals are still available. You can sign up below:


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