Walgreens 10/19

I like profiting from a trip to the store. Walgreens has a heckuva deal going on right now on Theraflu. Stock up for the cold and flu season now. Here’s the deal: Buy 3 boxes on sale at $5 each, get $8 in RR back. But wait, there’s more. Before checking out, stop by the pharmacy and pick up the ‘Healthy Savings’ pamphlet as seen in the above pic. There’s a Walgreens coupon for $2 off Theraflu which will ring up 3 times taking an additional $6 off. But wait, there’s still more. Print 2 of the $2/1 coupons HERE and use the $2/1 mc from yesterday’s Sunday coupon insert for $6 more off. So to recap, you will pay $3 out of pocket and receive $8 RR back meaning Walgreens will pay you $5 to use those 3 boxes of Theraflu. Between this and the past 2 weeks at Rite Aid I am loaded up and ready for cold season and I’ve paid NOTHING for all this product. It sure beats running to the store when you’re sick and feeling like heck and dropping $40 because you don’t care what it costs to make your congestion go away.


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