Hot Pockets Side Shots

The post has nothing to do with couponing other than to say if there is ever a coupon for this item I will buy 50 copies off Ebay and please send me yours.

Hot Pockets new Side Shots are their version of the cheeseburger slider. Kinda like a White Castle burger but pocket styley. Essentially it’s just a little roll of bread stuffed with ground beef and cheese. A meat doughnut, if you will. I bought them at Walmart last week and fell in love. They are maybe the greatest food ever made by the good folks at Hot Pockets.The recent paninis are even blown away by the Side Shots and to date I thought those were the greatest things ever.

I can find no mention on the Hot Pockets website or anywhere on the web about this fantastic product. I guess this posting is the first ever on the subject. Maybe we’re a test market. In fact I can’t find them anywhere but Walmart either. So in conclusion, greatest microwave food ever and if there is ever a coupon for these send them to me please and thank you. And if the kind folks at Hot Pockets are reading this ya’ll are welcome to send me coupons for free ones in exchange for my everlasting love and endorsement of this product.

Seriously though, they’re good. Really good.


6 responses to “Hot Pockets Side Shots

  1. Ok now I have the craves for this! And I don’t usually go for that kind of stuff. I will have to check around.

    I found a mention on the Hot Pockets Facebook page. (10/14)

    And another blog review although I dont think they liked it as much as you.

    And a few people have mentioned they got a catalina at their grocery store for a free box. I wish I was so lucky. Weis and Shaw’s were 2 stores mentioned …must be east coast?

    Found you by way of The Coupon Project by the way. :-)

  2. I have no idea how I found this site, but I love it! I did get a catalina this week for a B1G1 and I don’t know what I bought to trigger it! I do live in Virginia!

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  4. smells like viral marketing.

  5. AMEN (to the article)!

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