Thrift Store 10/14

I think some days I get so bored I go looking for deals. Today was one of those days. Unfortunately not every day ends in a wealthy haul.

We have all this leftover stuff from a garage sale 2 months ago that needs to be donated to the Volunteers Of America, our local thrift store. With garage sale season all but over the thrift store must fill my junk shopping void in the winter months. I easily could have donated the stuff in one big trip but have decided to break up the donation into thirds so that I have an excuse to go to the thrift store. Last time I got a frying pan. Today was trip #2. I donated a giant rubbermaid bin of clothes and some infant toys that our boy never really liked. After dropping off the stuff  I headed inside their retail store looking for some more vintage kitchenware deals. This store usually has a few good and cheap finds. Much to my disappointment the store was pretty picked over today. I found one (very useful) thing though.

I got the above ceramic consomme soup bowl for 75 cents. That’s all I could find today. Contrary to the intended purpose and what the above photo may lead you to believe, this won’t be used for soup. That’s my new bacon grease holder. Fancy, huh? Cheaper than this upscale version here and nicer than the Beefaroni can I had been using.  I reuse the bacon grease to get my cast iron pans ready when cooking breakfast foods like bacon, sausage, eggs, and pancakes.


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