Best Buy TV Recycling

The move from analog television to digital wasn’t as smooth as the media wants you to believe it was. There were casualties such as the one pictured above. My black & white 10 inch “cooking TV” is no longer with us. This TV sat on top of the fridge. I never really watched it so much as I listened to it. I usually make dinner between 5pm-7pm and when doing so I liked having the news on in the background. Occasionally I’d glance over at it if a story sounded interesting but it was just mostly a familiar background noise. The picture tube went about 3 years ago and you could barely even see anything anyhow. But now it no longer works at all because of the digital age so it was time to get rid of it. Did you know you can’t just throw away TVs? They have to be recycled a certain way. Did you know that this is so time consuming and labor intensive that most recycling centers charge money to take your TVs? Best Buy to the rescue. They have a new electronics recycling program that takes old TVs and computer monitors. It costs you $10 but in return they will give you a $10 Best Buy gift card. So essentially if you agree to spend $10 at Best they will recycle your old TV for free. Good deal. I’ll have no problems spending that gift card. More info can be found HERE.


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