Asking For Coupons

I was searching around through the sea of coupon blogs the other day when I ran across an interesting post. It was talking about writing something nice to companies you like and then asking for a coupon. This site found that most companies respond back kindly and do send a coupon or two. A couple days later I’m looking through the mega coupon resource Hot Coupon World when I found a thread talking about this exact same subject. After reading more I decide to give it a try myself. The results were pretty positive. I wrote to Eggland’s Best, Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce, Saran Wrap, Rosetto, and Folgers.  I told each company what I liked best about their product via either their contact page or an email. A few days later I received a nice email and coupons back from 4 of the 5 companies.  Here is the link to the mega list of of over 700 companies’ web contact info that I ran across.


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