One Coupon For Santa Cruz Lemonade

Internet coupons almost always let you print up 2 copies. You print the first copy then click the back button on your browser and it will then print a 2nd copy. If you try to click the back button again a message on your screen will say something like ‘coupon limit reached’ or ‘fraudulent print attempt’. That’s the rules. Sometimes you get to printing so many that you lose track and may come back to a site 2 weeks later and try to print the same coupon. You will get that same message again because the site remembers your ip address.

Tonight I found a great coupon for $.75 off Santa Cruz organic lemonade. Go there and print one. But make sure it’s only one.

I printed my one copy then clicked back assuming I’d print a second copy. I hear my printer going and was all excited about 2 Santa Cruz coupons. I then picked up the prints to see the most absurd thing ever. They disallowed the printing of the 2nd coupon but rather than give the denial on my computer screen, they actually print out a coupon looking denial of a coupon coupon. Confused? Check out the scan.

Really? You have to waste my printer ink to do that? Really? Couldn’t just put a message on the screen saying ‘you have exceeded your household limit’? Really? That’s not very organically go green and love the Earth and whatnot of you to waste ink and paper like that you know.


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