The Strongly Worded Email

It’s amazing the power of a strongly worded email (SWE). I believe that if you ask for things in a nice but firm way and carefully choose the right words, you can make almost anything happen. The phrase SWE comes from an episode of King Of The Hill. Hank Hill, the ultra old fashioned lead character, once got really upset with a company and exclaimed, “I’m so angry, I’m gonna write them a strongly worded letter.” In my previous job my 3 favorite co-workers were always amazed when I’d make a SWE work for our benefit. They’re believers now. As I twittered earlier, the SWE’s power continues to make things happen.

This past Sunday when at Walgreens I believe I was cheated out of a dollar. I wrote corporate a SWE. Today they called me back and told me that they erred and that I am owed the $1.

I purchased shampoo for 2/$7 with each bottle giving me a $2 Register Reward. Only 1 coupon printed so they returned one, and rerang it up and the 2nd RR printed. Only thing is it originally rang up as 1 @ 3.99 and 1 @ 3.01. He returned the 3.01 and then rerang me @ 3.99. Thus costing me $1. Walgreens is a good company and this was a simple mistake but it took the SWE to fix it.

I could have argued at the store but why bother. People can get confrontational and defensive in person. The SWE strips that all away and only the facts lay there before the recipient. I want this for these reasons.  Simple as that. Always be polite, remember your manners and don’t demand things, ask for them in way they can’t say no to.


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