Walmart 8/16

I truly love Walmart and conversely I can’t stand it when people blindly hate them for what they hear on the news or read on some tree hugger’s bumper sticker. I had a teacher in high school who used to always say, “say what you mean and mean what you say”. Walmart does just that, save money, live better. If you buy any food that is frozen or comes in a box, chances are your local Walmart carries it for significantly cheaper than your local grocery store. Cereal, snacks, condiments, think of how many dry goods are in your pantry. Walmart may not carry every brand but the ones they do are the cheapest non-sale prices anywhere. At grocery stores I wait for an item to go on sale before I buy it. At Walmart if an item goes on sale that’s just like getting an extra cherry on your sundae. They’re so cheap it’s like everything in the store is always on sale. That’s why when we run low on those staples, it’s time for a Walmart run.

Aside from a disagreement I had with the cashier as to Walmart’s policy on expired coupons (I wish they’d make up their mind), the trip was a success. Highlights include:

  • 2 Egg beaters on sale for $2 – $1/2 mc = $1.50 each
  • Great Day natural eggs $1.72 – $.75 printable = $.97
  • 2 Bar S hot dogs on sale for $.88 ea – $1/2 printable = $.38 ea
  • Hebrew National beef franks on sale $3 – $1 printable = $2
  • 2 Kraft EZ Mac cups on sale for $.88 each – $1/2 mc = $.38 each
  • Yo kids 6pk organic yogurt $2.86 – $.75 printable = $2.11
  • Walmart brand hot dog rolls 8pk on sale for $.89
  • Beefaroni on sale for $.88 – $1/1 mc = $.12 profit

Spent: $39.96, Coupon Savings: $13.25


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