Big M 5 for $20

One of the best deals going during the summer year round grilling season is at Big M Markets conveniently located in Gates, Brockport, or Hilton.  The weekly unadvertised sale is called the 5 for $20 meat special. They offer a wide assortment of beef, chicken, pork, steak, sausage, hamburgers, etc that are normally priced anywhere from $4.50 – $5.50 and offer you 5 packages for only $19.99. ($4 apiece) That’s a savings of $5 – $7. My family does this twice a month so that there’s always something in the freezer ready to grill up whenever we need it.

Big M also has lots of great Buy 1 Get 1 (BOGO) specials every week. Check out their weekly flyer HERE.

The only negative about shopping at Big M is that they DO NOT accept internet coupons at this time. They DO however accept manufacturers coupons.


One response to “Big M 5 for $20

  1. We live in Chili and have shopped at the Gates Big M for years. I get the 5 for 20 all the time. Nice blog you have here. Thanks for all the info!

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